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The maps below show the town of Langley in 1910 and 1950. Summarise the information

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Jan 4, 2021   #1

Describe information in a map

Langley town has been flourished from 1910 to 1950. The town house along Jordan and Sherman street are removed, local people now live in the Flats in the left side of Jordan street. On the areas of old Factory, the Sherman Mansion was built. The new street connect Sherman street and the removable old Rail Way line was built name New Land. On the right side of New Land there are three new stores and the old store at Sherman street was destroyed. With the development the old Rail way and also the rail way worker cottages were removed. On that area they built the Sherman park which has the children's play areas on the New Lane side opposite to the stores. The café moved to the opposite, next to the Mansion on Sherman street. The Laundry was rebuilt behind the café. Within 40 years Langley town developed quickly from a countryside with a large wastes land due to factory to a modern town with more recreational facilities.

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Jan 4, 2021   #2
The format for the essay presentation is incorrect. You always need to present a minimum of 3 paragraphs for comparative image presentations. The 3 paragraphs have to cover:

- The summary of the information provided in the original prompt
- The first image discussion points
- The second image comparison points in reference to the first image.

Separating your presentation paragraphs will help add clarity to the presentation and also, make it easier for the reader to follow the discussion. The paragraphs create pauses for the reader, giving them time to assess your presentation for coherence and cohesiveness.

The presentation contains several grammatical inaccuracies. These have to do with your ability to present the proper past tense reference points for your data. The 1910 description should not contain references to changes in the map yet. That should come when you discuss the comparison with the 1950 image.

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