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Which media do you prefer? Why? 100-125 WORDS

Is this okay?

Internet - best media for the news

We can find out what happen in our World thanks to the news that come out in the media, but, what kind of media is better?

In my opinión, the best is the Internet. When I was younger and I watched the news on the tv all channels put them at the same time so I could not compare them in order to get a more objective opinión. Also, some news were only in a few channels, maybe because they were not very important for them. If you watch the news in the newspaper you do not have that problem but, it is not very comfortable to look at five or six newspapers at the same time. You do not have those problems if you watch them on the Internet.

I have been watching the news in Internet for years and I can relate that it is the best way to watch the news to be more informed and compare them easily.

Hello Ismael, your sentences in this have needed improvement. If you wanna answer the question, please you don't give the answer directly. You can paraphrase the question first such as "There are plenty of media providing news throughout the world, but I tend to state that the Internet is the best medium". After that, you present supporting idea. This is essential because you have to explain why you stated like that. These will strengthen your opinion. It can make your sentences systematic. Following this, you can offer examples based on your personal experiences. These are able to complete your perspective and make your idea clearer. Besides, on condition that you build by using those three elements, it appears the good flow. In addition, you can give a sentence where you restate your view.

Hopefully, those can help you for finalizing this.

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