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Today, there are more men's than women's sports on TV. Why? Should TV give equal time for them all?

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Jun 16, 2022   #1

today, there are more men's than women's sports on TV. Why?

Should TV channels give equal time for women's and men's sports?

These days, most games played by male players draw more attention from the public on television channels than that of women. Chief of this is attributed to several reasons, and I believe that the television coverage of female sports should be provided as much as that of men's sporting events.

There are some factors contributing to the phenomenon that the showtime of male sports dominates that of women's games. First, men's sports draw more attention of viewers than women's can, so TV broadcasters will earn large profits if they provide massive coverage of men's competitions. For instance, the matches of the Vietnam men's football team seem to receive the full attention of the public all the time, allowing TV channels to make off money from advertising and television rights. In addition, male athletes could perform with a higher degree of competence and extreme severity than their female counterparts. As a result, people are more likely to find men's sports enjoyable to watch. Take boxing as a typical example, this sport attracts a large number of viewers due to its aggressiveness and formidable fighters.

However, I would argue that there should be the equal time of television coverage for both sides. Chief of this is because it could increase gender equality in society. This is predicated on the assumption that women could not be discriminated against if they received the great recognition from TV coverage as men. Consequently, the equality serves as a stimulus for more women to partcipate in sports and make brilliant success, which will help women to win more respect of the public. Furthermore, the more attention of television broadcasters on women would help them get more advertising contracts and sponsorship investments. For example, Anh Vien, an previously unknown female swimmer, has shot to fame and then made major deals with endorsers and brands thanks to her remarkable achievement at Asiad 20, which was viewed to many audiences through television.

In conclusion, a huge profit and a better level of performance from men's matches are the reasons TV broadcasters do not give more attention to women's sports than men's, and I am of the opinion that the equal coverage of TV channels should be given to both men's and women's sports.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Jun 17, 2022   #2
Good topic restatement. It shows a good English comprehension skill. I wish that this skill in English thinking was further displayed in his ability to directly respond to the given questions. He failed to establish his clear opinion as based upon his 2 personal insights. There was also a sentence formation error in his , statement as it was merged with the non-response idea presentation. This should have been a stand alone sentence presentation since it represents a different question response.

The first reasoning paragraph lacks a proper comparative discussion. A profit margin or viewership comparison between the 2 gender sports viewership would have better supported the writer's assumptions. This should have been done because the writer referenced "female counterparts" in the paragraph.

There is a tendency for the writer to over and under discussing his paragraphs. He must learn to complete his presentation paragraph in 5 sentences at the most.

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