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A noticeable lack of students opting for science subjects at universities is observed

ANDYBAO123 1 / -  
Jan 17, 2024   #1
In numerous regions across the world, there has been a noticeable trend of a paucity of students choosing to study science subjects at universities. This essay aims to explore the reasons behind this trend and discuss their effects on society.

A primary reason for an inadequate number of students studying science is financial constraints. Specifically, studying STEM subjects in universities costs a huge amount of money and time for the students. Therefore, some students should devote time to studying more to have a higher chance of achieving highly competitive merit-based scholarships. Furthermore, a demanding curriculum could be considered as a reason for this statement. Some students must get used to studying intensely to pass the tests. This will harm their health which can lead to lower learning efficiency and bad results. For the reason above, I believe science is not the main field that students choose to learn.

The significant decline in students choosing science subjects in many parts of the world has pernicious effects on the educational field and technological advancement. In terms of education, a shortage of students means there will be fewer teachers available to instruct in this subject in the future. Thus, it is difficult for the next generations to acquire expertise in science without the guidance of proficient teachers. Regarding technology, some countries can not keep pace with technological advancements; and consequently, they will lag behind in scientific innovation due to inadequate number of scientists. These aforementioned reasons may act as a deterrent for the scientific field in some countries to develop.

To recapitulate, the noticeable lack of students choosing science subjects at universities is primarily due to financial constraints and the demanding curriculum. The issue has detrimental effects on society, including impeding both technological advancement and the educational field.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 20, 2024   #2
This essay aims to explore

You will lose TA points for simply repeating the writing questions instead of creating a writer's opinion based upon short form reasons for the discussion. Create a problem statement or thesis statement for each reference point to receive points for the writer's opinion. You cannot receive scores for that section without these hypothetical statements.

The causes for the lack of STEM students is not well developed in the specific paragraph. While the reasons listed are numerous, the lack of properly explained reasons, and the interconnection between the reasons, have created a confusing statement of ideas. The reader will be confused about the presented information as these fail to interconnect with one another.

Considering the effects of the lack of interest, the explanation is better laid out than the reasons paragraph. So the 2 paragraphs will pull on the final score. Either you will pass or fail, depending upon the way the examiner views the lack of clarity in the reasoning paragraph.

Home / Writing Feedback / A noticeable lack of students opting for science subjects at universities is observed
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