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Nowadays, there are a number of people who are unable to read or write. Causes and solutions.

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Aug 12, 2020   #1

Nowadays, many people cannot read or write

What problems does this cause? What measures can governments take to solve these problems?

In today's world, there are a number of people who are unable to read or write. Though this case has some problems, it could be alleviated by many effective remedies.

On the one hand, a number of problems are resulted from the inability to read or write. First, when in important situations, people who have difficulty over reading and writing may not fully comprehend the information. As a result, they are more likely to be misled and do harm to themselves. Laborers, for example, who are incapable of reading, may be exploited physically as they do not deeply understand what is written in the contract. Second, since a person cannot write, he may run into a wide range of troubles, especially when it comes to dealing with the government and verifying legislative documents. For instance, those who are unable to write may not be able to finish required papers, such as making a petition to send their local authority, or giving signature.

On the other hand, there are two solutions that can be implemented to tackle this issue. Chief among them is that the government should invest more money in education. For example, they should build more schools, especially those in the remote areas, or launch campaigns to raise people's awareness about education. Thus, people are likely to change their mindset about the importance of learning, and be able to approach it more easily. Secondly, there should also be well-trained staff who take responsibility for supporting these people. As a result, even if someone does not possess complete writing and reading skills, they would be able to get through administrative formalities.

To sum up, regardless of the fact that there are some people who can neither read nor write, this situation could be effectively avoided by some ways suggested above.

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Aug 12, 2020   #2
Well, I think that it would be better if you can write more in the opening, although it is not wrong for you to paraphase the topic, you would have higher scores if you could write some general things related to the topics.

There are some errors in your essay, for example DIFFICULTY IN/WITH not OVER.

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