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old buildings need to protected by government or not

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Nov 1, 2012   #1
Now a days government spend lot of money to protect old buildings which reflects the history of our nation.Some people say this is waste of money and place.In my view historical buildings and places plays a vital role,knowledge on our national heritage is imparted through these historical places.

Many historical places play a vital role in our national tourism,buildings like lotus temple taj mahal are main attractions of our country,also forts like red fort ,Golconda fort resembles great technology which can be said as our national pride.Many old constructions helps us to know about our great kings who ruled our country and heritage of our culture.Most of the historical places attract international tourism which generates revenue to our country.

However keeping population growth into consideration utilization of available land plays an important role.in one way history should not be and obstetrical for our progress.Sufficient houses and offices need to be constructed to fulfill todays population needs.

Buildings which are too old and which consume more funds in protecting and renovation can be demolished and such place can be used for building houses and other buildings which satisfy needs of many people,also buildings which are of no use can be knocked off.the money spent in protecting these buildings can be utilised in developing the cities.

On other hand old constructions which are in good condition can be renovated and be converted for public usage like offices and mseums so that place is utilised as well as some revenue is generated for their maintenance

in conclusion I would like to say that national history is important to keep out tradition alive and need to be protected but this should not become a hinder for future progress.

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