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Online Shopping increase in our daily life

farazshamsi 2 / -  
Jan 24, 2015   #1
Our present globalization takes online shopping as one of significant tool for the economy system. however, public opinion is divided into two views: one supporting it and one against it. Both approaches have their own plausible argument, so it is necessary to analyze them carefully. I would Prefer online due to the following reasons:

There are many advantages of online shopping in our world. firstly and foremost, it save time to the people because the online shopping is available any time. Such as, people can easily do shopping at midnight without any difficulty. Secondly, comparison is easily done with the online shopping. People can easily be compare with other products from other website. Therefore, they get low Price. Lastly, people do online shopping without any obstruction. This is seem to be true, because the sales person in the market often force the customer to buy the products and some times may change their decision of the customer.

On the other hand, some members of the believe the delivery of item which is bought from online shopping is quite late. Sometimes the delivery charges are more than the Product which is bought online. Such as, Purchasing of any heavy machine from online where loaders and Transport would be require . Hence, cost will be increase for delivery. Secondly, people deprived of job in the market. There is no need for sales persons to promote and sales. Finally, people could lose their money when they do online shopping .Online theft is very frequent in developed world. For Example in Unites state and England.

To conclude, online shopping has been gradually increased over the recent decade particularly in developed countries. On the balance, it is my personal opinion that advantages of online shopping are slightly outweigh the disadvantages.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 24, 2015   #2
Faraz, kindly review your essay for capitalization errors and problems. The country is called the United States and is always capitalized since it is a proper noun. You currently have it written as

Unites state

. You also have words like price and product written with the first letter in capital when it should not be written that way. I understand that you may be wanting to emphasize those words for some reason but in this type of essay, you need to follow the proper written grammar rules otherwise your grade or score will be adversely affected. I am only commenting on the general errors in your essay at the moment as I am not sure about what the prompt you are responding to is at the moment. You need to provide that to us so that we can offer a better review of your written work. I have noted a number of grammatical errors that need to be corrected but I am refraining from pointing them out until I am sure that you have responded to the prompt properly. It is important to know that the response you wrote is correct before making any further changes so that we can limit the need to revise the content of the paper. I look forward to finding out what the prompt is.

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