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Online shopping is replacing shopping in stores. Do u think it's a positive or negative development?

MinhAnkFam 1 / -  
Jun 10, 2024   #1
With the ever-increasing development in technology, several aspects of human life have been influenced intensely. Apparently, among them must mention the advent and prevalence of online trade platforms. This kind of shopping has already replaced the traditional one in many countries. From my perspective, online shopping proves an entirely positive growth on grounds of its convenience and carriage of real bargains for customers.

To commence with, buyers can purchase goods without any difficulties thanks to the connection of internet only. Unlike obsolete markets and stores, electronic applications never requires shoppers to go any distances to reach a selling destination. By a few touches or clicks of mouse on the screen, they can easily buy a product wherever they are at that moment, which saves their precious time and money spent on travelling for other more vital activities.

In addition, an abundant quantity of sales-off vouchers on e-commercial websites indirectly fosters the economic development. Customers are the first gainers of financial benefits from such platforms when they are given opportunities to apply available vouchers to reduce the price of the merchandise themselves. This progressively results in a climbing demand for shopping among the public, which eventually serves the objective of developing the national economy.

Opponents may argue that the online shopping gradually diminishes the value and quintessence of traditional stores. However, they may have been conservative to admit that in the ever-evolving world driven by technological innovations, it is inevitable for other forms of shopping to appear and work out successfully. When love and passion are embedded deeply into a seller's mind, there will still be offline shops for other like-minded people to enjoy the beauty of tradition. However, that e-commerce also brings novel outstanding sides of modernization is irrefutable.

In conclusion, due to the convenient trait and financial merits for both the individual and the globe, I firmly believe that online shopping clearly demonstrates a positive development in this ongoing modern society. Besides, for the imperative growth of the shopping field, an expansion of e-commercial platforms and the preservation of traditional stores should be focused more attentively.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Jun 12, 2024   #2
I am not sure if you can actually write this essay using the same number of words during the actual test. Yes, you have 40 minutes to write this essay but, you will not have a timer in front of you. The essay writing portion has a total of 60 minutes provided for the task. From that 60 minutes, you will have to mentally time yourself to write the task 1 essay within 20 minutes, and the task 2 essay within the remaining 40 minutes. Aim to write 300 words only as much as possible so that you will never go overtime with the task 2 essay. That is equivalent to 5 sentences per paragraph. This essay was actually over written because you wrote 3 reasoning paragraphs where the standard presentation is only 2 reasoning paragraphs. The third reasoning paragraph was an unnecessary addition to the presentation.

Home / Writing Feedback / Online shopping is replacing shopping in stores. Do u think it's a positive or negative development?
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