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Opinion essay: Some people think news has no connection to people's lives.

Ngoc Anh Le 1 / -  
Apr 27, 2023   #1
Some people think news has no connection to people's lives. So then it is a waste of time to read the newspaper and watch television news programs.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Today's news broadcast on television channels or newspapers is extremely diverse. Many people argue that there is no connection between news and people's lives, therefore, it is time-wasting to obtain news via printed newspapers or television broadcasts. In my perspective, news always has a connection with human life.

First and foremost, news brings useful information to people, thus they can promptly take corresponding actions. This could be explained by the fact that coverage about weather forecasts provides people with information about weather conditions such as storms or earthquakes in a specific location and time. For example, news outlets played a critical role in informing people about the situation of the earthquakes in Japan in 2011 . As a result, due to this useful information, people could promptly take preventive measures to protect their lives .

In addition, the information provided on television news programs or in conventional newspapers is carefully selected. To be more specific, news on television channels like VTV1, VTV3, and VTV6 brings a host of educational news about schedules of the national high school exam, and methods of university admission application, etc. Thanks to Due to this information, parents will promptly stay updated with important news about exams to notify their children, especially for some parents who do not use the Internet.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that news always has a connection with people's lives because it provides helpful information. However, It is advisable that the general public should keep abreast of news on a regular basis
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,974 4811  
Apr 29, 2023   #2
Many people argue

This is a totally different reference point from the original which is "some people". Points are deducted for exaggerated interpretations of the original information.

In my perspective, news always has a connection with human life.

A failing mark will be received for the restatement + writer's opinion. The reason? You did not respond to the given question in the expected manner. That is an automatic preliminary TA failing score.

While your discussion paragraphs will receive some scoring considerations, it cannot achieve a passing mark each time. Your response explains your point of view but, these do not respond properly to the given discussion instruction. As such, you cannot be considered to have responded with a relevant presentation. Your response format will therefore be considered incorrect.
rubinguyen 3 / 5  
Apr 30, 2023   #3
Hi Ngoc Anh Le, from my point of view, I see that you used " First and foremost", it should not be written such idioms in academic essays; it is for the Speaking part instead. You can consider phrases such as " to begin with, to start with, first of all, firstly, first, etc."

If you need a person to practise your speaking skill, you can make a friend with me via this Facebook account:
rubinguyen 3 / 5  
Apr 30, 2023   #4
Oh. I'm sorry. When I came back this post, I could not see the link to my Facebook account. I do not understand why it was disappeared. Here it is again: facebook.com/rubinguyenxg. Or in case it will be disappeared again. Can you go to my lastest post in this forum. I pasted it in the final comment.
duiter1 1 / 2  
May 4, 2023   #5
Last paragraph : In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that recent news is always in connection with people's life because it provides enough human beings with up-to-date information. However, it is always advisable that the general public should catch up on hot news on a fairly regular basis.

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