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Parents are often unaware of the difficulties their children face and are unable to help them.

Hien My 1 / 1  
Nov 27, 2022   #1

Parents awareness about problems of their children

Throughout this century, the view of learning has changed dramatically and the majority of people feel this change is not for better. Obviously, they mostly caused from parents because of lack of understanding how difficult their children have to face. Therefore, to shorten the gap between them, these are remedies that we will discuss below.

For and foremost, teenagers have peer pressure while being compared with their schoolmates. As a result, they obsess with having high-score is priority by the thinking of their parents. Moreover, juveniles can get depressed, mental health problem or even hurt themselves regularly. In order to lessen those serious impacts, parents should change the way they define about learning which is deeply ingrained through many generations.

Hence, with the high-expectation, almost teenagers have sedentary lifestyle as studying too much. Furthermore, they do not have enough time to partake any sporty competitions to strengthen their health as well as their mind. What is more, because of learning, a plethora of children do not alike to care about their appearances. As a consequence, despite excellent students, they can be isolated by their classmates. Therefore, parents should decrease their works to spend more time aside their juveniles and encourage them when getting low marks to avoid those negative impacts.

All things considered, to enhance teenagers in learning, both of themselves and their parents have to cooperate together. Moreover, parents also have to rise their awareness of difficulties and problems their children have to face during their schoolife.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,671 4754  
Nov 28, 2022   #2
This is definitely an essay that cannot recieve a passing score because it will receive a failing mark for each, individual scoring consideration. The sentences lack any sense and the meaning is difficult for a native English speaker to decipher due to the problematic word choices of the writer. The sentences are so improperly structured that it is obvious the student needs to take some formal English classes in order to understand how to construct even the most basic English sentence, much more a basic English paragraph. The reader is constantly confused by what meaning or idea the writer is trying to convey. The lowest marks will definitely be given in the TA section (in relation to a clear writer's opinion), the C+C section (due to the problem conveying his thoughts clearly and coherently), GRA (due to the lack of proper sentence substance), and LR (based on improper word choices).
OP Hien My 1 / 1  
Nov 29, 2022   #3
Thank you, so my problem is using too much complex grammar and structures in this writing? Can you give me some advice?

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