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We Should Pay Too Much Attention to Celebrities Lives or Ordinary People?

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Oct 26, 2016   #1
Writing Task 2
The media pay too much attention to the lives and relationship of celebrities such as actors, singers or footballers. They should spend more time reporting the lives of ordinary people instead.

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Today, the news program are more variety. The people can enjoy some alternative topics not only about entertainment of celebrities but also about inspiring stories of ordinary people. I tend to agree with the statements which the ordinary people important to report as well as public figures. Because I think the ordinary people also can inspire others with share their live stories to wide people by mass-media.

In my opinion, TV programs which showing about celebrities live in a long day can make watcher are tedious. So, the people should receive new program such us reality show of ordinary people which have achievement or positive values to be shared. Therefore, the author of mass-media or the producer of TV's program should give more attention to ordinary people who can encourage other people. For instance, the live story of someone who can give better solutions towards environment or human life difficulties like. As example, Dr. Gamal Albinsaid as a young doctor who success with his action in build rubbish bank for create an insurance as the solution of poverty in around of his living place in Malang, East Java. In addition, by overseeing the examples of other actions, the viewer can be wiser and learn new positive side of other people lives. However, the celebrities also important to reports but not all of their lifestyle, presumably author or producer should report only things that appropriate for wide public consumption and certainly have positive impact to viewer.

In other sides, there are some celebrities who have multitalented and great achievements not only in their career on entertainment but also in their academic or job side. Some of them are Tasya Kamila, Cinta Laura, Maudy Ayunda and Vidy Aldiano. They are not only have many talents in singing, acting or presenting but also can prove their self can be motivated to young generation for reach higher education in abroad by get scholarship with they own effort or without use their popularity. Some stories like these, I think important for being public consumption. So, young people can more inspiring and burning them with higher motivations and dream to be success people in the future.

In conclusion, as long as the author of mass-media or program creator on television selecting with their news contents or just covers the ordinary people or celebrities who have positive accomplishment is better than if they creates an issue of celebrities just for entertaining people.

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