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People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (new experiences, career)

thao03 1 / -  
Sep 24, 2019   #1

several reasons why people decide to embark on university or college life

These days, education plays an important role. Attending colleges or universities is considered to be one of the most crucial decisions of a person's life. A university or college degree often helps a person to achieve his goal with more ease. There are several reasons why people decide to embark on university or college life.

First of all, universities and colleges provide people an ideal learning environment to acquire knowledge and valuable skills irrespective of the fact that they may be available and accessible on the Internet so that they don't need teachers or books to get information. However, they may not make out whether it is essential for their studies or not. In universities and colleges, there are many qualified professors and lecturers, with abundant teaching experience who provide undergraduates with plenty of new knowledge and help them to solve their problem in their studies. By entering universities and colleges, students can develop their critical thinking which enables them to distinguish unnecessary information from useful information so that it becomes real knowledge. Besides, learners can develop fundamental skills namely communication, presentation, teamwork, problem-solving skills, etc. The universities and colleges are the perfect places which are designed and conceived to help students get through the learning process.

The second reason why people decide to go to universities or colleges is that they will improve their opportunities of jobs and have better career preparation for the future. It can not be denied that academic qualifications are obligatory in certain professions. For instance, there are some jobs such as teacher, lawyer or doctor that people can not apply for if they don't have some relevant degrees. There is no doubt that the people who do have university or college degrees have much smaller chance of being jobless. Individuals who have only a high school diploma are employed solely in low-skilled fields. In addition, most college or universities dropouts will end up being undervalued by their employers and will end up being underpaid. Consequently, a university or college degree is a prerequisite for employment in the modern era.

To sum up, people attend colleges or universities for many reasons and purposes such as having a good future job, gaining experience, and building up new relationships, etc. No matter what reasons they decide to attend colleges and universities for, studying in colleges or universities is a good investment in their future life.
Otunba 1 / 3  
Sep 26, 2019   #2
'The second reason......'
I think 'secondly' would be a better substitute to begin the paragraph with.
Thaophuoc 1 / 2  
Sep 26, 2019   #3
"provide people with an ideal..."
"to get information from"
Let consider my sentence "Whereas, in universities and colleges, with the instruction of many qualified teachers and professors, who had abundant teaching experience, undergraduates are provided with plenty of new knowledge to tackle problems in their studies".

"Who do have university or college degrees..." You only use this way of emphasis in the Speaking part.
The summary: " ..., people may enroll in colleges and universities for different purposes.... No matter what their motivation is, studying....."
Just some of my fix, please have a look at my essay 😉

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