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People attend colleges and universities: education, new friendships and relationships

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Jun 22, 2011   #1
Hey guys, it is me again. I just have another paragraph written out, and am hoping if someone will kindly give me some criticisms. Thank you!

People attend college or university for many different reasons. Those reasons, which are very common, are pursuing a higher education, creating a larger social network, and finding a love relationship; they often are the major factors in a person's future development, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I think the primary reasons that people attend colleges or universities are their interest in the higher level of educations, forming new friendships and love relationships.

Without a doubt, post secondary provides a higher level of education than high school. As many jobs in the world today require employees to have at least some post secondary educations, more and more high school graduates are applying to colleges and universities every year. Those students and employers often believe post secondary education is necessary to a person's success in today's ever advancing and competing world; those who lack the education will quickly fall behind in the competition. This is why many students are enrolling in colleges or universities.

Other the pursuit of knowledge, the ability to increase one's social network is also a very attractive reason for post secondary's admission. Colleges and universities provide excellent opportunities to meet many new people during your education. As your social circle expands, it will become useful in the future, especially in job hunting. In our society today, employers are now pickier than ever with job applicants; not only you need to fulfill the job requirement, but it is also essential that you have some recommendations from someone who has witnessed your ability. Friends that you made in college may have seen your ability, and they can give a good recommendation of you to your potential employers to effectively increase your chance of being hired. Therefore, social networking skill is essential in our world and hence many people go to college just to expand their social circles.

Finally, dating is also a popular reason why people go to college. Many of the people that go to colleges and universities are in their early 20s, which is the time when most people are being sexually matured and are starting to consider a relationship. Because there are many students walking around on campus every day, there will be more opportunities to meet someone that you are romantically interested in, which can increase the chances of finding a date. In addition to that, school provides a more relaxing environment compares to work, so both partners will have more time to spend with one another, making dating more fun and exciting. Hence, many people attend post-secondaries with the purpose of finding a relationship.

As you can see, the main three reasons why people attend post-secondaries are knowledge, social network, and dating. The combination of knowledge and social network is a very powerful asset in today's job market and it is one of the main reasons for high enrollment of students in post-secondaries. Dating, as far as we know, is much more relaxed and easier when we are at colleges and universities because there will be more opportunities for meeting a date, and dating will be more fun and more relax.

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