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IELTS: - Some people believe that studying in a college or university is the best place for students

vipy411 3 / 3  
Sep 30, 2017   #1
Some people believe that studying in a college or university is the best place for students to prepare their future career. But others think they should leave school as soon as possible to develop their carrier though work experience

Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

the value of education

In today's world knowledge is light and most of the parents consider varsities are the premier source of learning for their children's future profession while others prefer that one should start his job immediately after primary-school education. In my opinion, starting work at early age would definitely give more practical experience; however, higher study at university not only develops good understanding of concepts but also form a network of contacts to get a job.

Theoretical concepts are just building blocks. Practical hands-on skills are the most important attributes against which any professional is judged. Therefore, few people encourage their child to begin his career after school, so that he could get more preference over others on the basis of work experience. Moreover, this would also save significant amount of money that could have been incurred in tuition fees.

Universities are the temple of learning. Their sole objective is to provide in depth knowledge. A user can make best use of a machine or device if he knows detailed capabilities of it. Thus, it is essential to learn theory before jumping into practicals. Furthermore, higher educational institutions assists their students to establish professional network of references to fetch a good job. Therefore, most of the individuals graduated from colleges wok in fortune 500 companies.

In my opinion, pursuing a professional course at university is far more advantageous because it nourishes students with such skills which are very hard to compete. Certainly, a common experienced worker with limited view would never able to stand against it

In conclusion, although work experience carry more weight but without any standard knowledge it is just a number and does not add any value to individual's profession. Hence, parents should always strive to get their children higher education at professional institutes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,635 3478  
Oct 1, 2017   #2
Vipy, your total approach to the essay is wrong. There is no clear paraphrasing and the discussion that you provided in the body paragraphs do not discuss each point of view and then your personal opinion. The presentation you made shows that you decided to discuss the topic based upon your personal choices for discussion rather than discussing it in the required outline. The proper outline for your essay is as follows:

When it comes to the preparation of students for their careers, their parents believe in 2 different things. There are a set of parents who believe that their children should attend college or university in order to properly train themselves for their upcoming professions. Other parents believe that it would be best for their children to go to work as soon as they can because practical experience is important to their work qualifications. This essay will discuss both points of views after which I shall present my personal opinion regarding the discussion.

In regards to the first point of view about the need for a college education...

Now, as far as the practical learning aspect is concerned...

In my opinion...

In the end...

The above is an example of the proper and full format for this sort of discussion. Remember, all of your paragraphs must have at least 3 sentences in them, maximum of 5 in order to meet the highest possible C&C score. Please use this as your reference next time you come across a similar discussion instruction.

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