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People are concerned how the government distributes a budget for various activities.

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Dec 27, 2015   #1
Government should spend more money on education than on recreation and sports

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the phenomenon that states distribute a budget for various activities. However, whether governments should mainly allocate a higher budget for education compared to recreation and sports. I agree with the view that spending money essentially on more education than entertainment and sports.

The first reason for why it is important to spend a lot of money on education is that a modern society can reduce the unemployment rate. It is true that if schools have enough equipment in curriculums, it will not only enhance quality of studying but also increase a large quantity of students and help to generate income for a country. A nation has a lot of schools, a school has many students and a student is a talent so the working market always opens. As a result, it is obvious that employees are educated knowledge and practical skills particularly to satisfy the social. Thus, in general, benefiting an economy in the long term, in particular, education decreases unemployment rate.

The second reason, it is completely necessary that education helps eradicate illiteracy. For instance, in 2012, a report on education of UNESCO said that about 775 million people were still illiterate worldwide and Germany accounted 1% of the amount. It is surprising that a number of Germans cannot ability to read and write while they graduated high schools. Furthermore, in Britain the rate is 16% and in France is 9%. Germany Government invested 20 million euros from 2012 to 2014 on education. Until 2015, teenagers have enough pure knowledge to pass better exams, which helps them in active studying. Therefore, governments should spend money on education not only in developing country, but also in developed countries.

It is argued that sports and recreation create many interesting playgrounds. However, governments had better distribute a budget on education, enhancing understanding of people. First, people are knowledgeable so they are aware of the natural world. It is interesting that people love pets such as friends. For example, it is safe that I feed dogs to protect my house. The human race and pets are attracting each other, such as parts of life. Second, education is a useful basis, which helps people invent spaceships, robots. In conclusion, men develop into problems of education.

To sum up, it is significant that the society has higher employment rates, basic literacy skills and knowledge. Therefore, governments should allocate a higher percent of budget on education. It is predicted that the world would fun tuition one age to eighteen.

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