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People are consuming more and more sugar-based drinks. Why? What can be done to reduce sugary drink

linaa121 1 / -  
Feb 17, 2023   #1

steps to reduce sugary drinks intake

A modern-era phenomenon is the consumption percentage of sugar-sweetened beverages has become overwhelming yearly. As a matter of fact, the affordable price is the key factor leading to this which results in the devastation of people's health that possibly is solved due to a variety of trying and disciplines.

Regarding consuming sugar-based liquids, the ubiquity of instant drinking products contributes to thousands of unhealthy drinks being absorbed as they are solved at a cheap price. Forming this, the mass production process expanding by manufacturers around the world makes it easier to purchase a can of sugary drink compared to a cup of bartender-made coffee. For instance, the truth that coca-cola thrives globally opens its market to the other part of the ocean and brings further affairs-related health conditions as a negative impact.

To tackle the aforementioned problem, I assume there is an array of solutions that possibly earn a try. First and foremost, authorities should hit higher tax requirements for those companies that produce sugar-based drinks. By this, sugary drinks' distribution would be relegated due to the rocketing price to manufacture them. Furthermore, there is indeed to have equal prices between beverages in the market. Not only it can help to facilitate the development of small F&B product servers, but also it will provide people with a rich variety of choices beyond normal sugar-based drinks. As a result, the number of sugary drinks consumers would be limited.

In conclusion, the list of sugar-based drinking products consumers has been at an alarming point because of the inexpensive price to purchase which affects society in several elements. However, it can be solved by the increase in price and regulation of the prevalence of other choices of beverages. (286)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,976 4812  
Feb 17, 2023   #2
Although you have managed to achieve a good word count in the essay, I am afraid the final score for the presentation will not be a passing grade. The essay is simply not well written enough to achieve even the lowest passing score. The problem relates to the way that your thoughts are not clearly explained in the essay. The point of view is often confusing and difficult to understand due to incorrect word usage.

While you did strive to create varied sentence presentations, the lack of proper sentence structuring in relation to word usage has made the final product incomprehensible to the native English reader / speaker. I am advising you to work better on your sentence presentations and proper vocabulary build up. You will do well to read the sample essays easily available at this forum in relation to that improvement.

You have to make sure that you develop your English thinking skills to the point where you are transliterating from your mother language to your second language. The clarity of your reasoning definitely gets lost in translation. I do not advise learning to write in English by watching English subtitled movies because the main complaint native English speakers have about those films is that the subtitles are often incorrect in English word reference. You would do better reading a translated book, one from your native tongue to English. The print translations are often more accurate when it comes to word usage and sentence formation.

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