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Many people living in cities these days do not get enough physical exercise.

kevintuankiet 1 / -  
Apr 21, 2024   #1
Physical well-being is indeed crucial to all aspects of life of individuals including living, study and labor. However, nowadays, for dwellers reside in cities, physical activities increasingly turning uncommon has influenced significantly to health themselves. This essay will analyze reasons and offer measures that we can take step to implement.

This problem directly arises from subjective and objective causes. One social motive is the high standard of living in urban areas makes the residents have an obligation to work long hours to cover living expenses. This accidentally leads to not having enough time for them to exercise their bodies. An example that can verify this is, in several enterprises, employees are likely to put in a lot of overtime and gradually prioritize income over health. There is another reason thought to originated from labours themselves, is desire for liberation from lassitude through unwholesome pleasures when getting off work. In modern and bustling metropolis, citizens, of course, have countless healthy options and overwhelming temptations. What is unfortunate is that they do not engage in physical activities said to be dull, but rather elect to enter cybercaf├ęs, bars,...

There are many possible solutions to address the lack of physical exercise in cities. Firstly, though the subjective reason mentioned above create a dilemma between livelihood and health, employers can partly contribute to this effort by offering flexible options in work schedules and workplace like telecommuting, or on-site fitness facilities to help employees balance their work and exercise routines. Secondly, authorizes and businesses carry out propaganda campaigns which aim to raise labours' awareness of the importance of exercising regularly. Furthermore, sport leagues and events held by internal companies or local governments are motivations for maintaining an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, the difficulty of obtaining sufficient physical exercise in urban environments stems from a combination of time constraints and everyone's perception. To tackle this issue, city planners and employers should work together to create more opportunities to promote better well-being for city dwellers.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
Apr 21, 2024   #2
You have tried to increase the scoring potential of your essay through the use of advanced vocabulary and, what you hope to be excellent explanations of your reasons. The problem is that you have used the vocabulary incorrectly, leading to incoherent paragraph passages and incorrect word meaning in the applications. As such, the overall essay comes across as incoherent. It is difficult to understand the meaning of your paragraphs. You should have simply used everyday English words to help yourself come across more clearly to the reader.

In addition to those problems, you also failed to deliver the correct prompt restatement. You began your discussion immediately instead, leading you to provide the incorrect writer's opinion and thesis statement also. Basically, this essay does not have a writer's opinion nor thesis statement in the introduction. Therefore, the overall essay will receive a failing score.
Layson Manga 2 / 2  
Apr 22, 2024   #3
Check the simple grammar and the use of terms. Use basic terms to avoid confusing the point of each paragraphs.
Abby210 3 / 4  
Apr 25, 2024   #4
Some nouns need to be added to the article "the" in front, such as "life" and "reason" in the first paragraph. There are some errors in dividing tenses and choosing appropriate words. "Step" should be the plural noun "steps"
Sakuradesu 3 / 4  
May 3, 2024   #5
The use of "..." to present a list of items is not standard in English. Instead, you could use etc. at the end of the sentence or a simple cohesive device of "and" for the last item of the sentence.

Home / Writing Feedback / Many people living in cities these days do not get enough physical exercise.
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