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More and more people prefer choosing online courses to learn, than attending regular classes

Koharu 1 / -  
Jan 5, 2022   #1

the tendency to online education

Nowadays, there is a likelihood that people prefer choosing to study online than taking part in traditional classroom learning.
On the one hand, participating in online courses could bring about many sustainable advantages. The positive aspect of studying online is online ones offer a more flexible time to study. Students can schedule the time that suits for their schedule to learn, which means that they can handle study around other responsibilities, and study every time they want. Another positive effect of virtual classes is students can finalize their course from other comfort spaces instead of having to go to school or extra classes. This will minimize the cost of commuting while also reducing the financial burden on parents.

On the other hand, online classes certainly have numerous disadvantages associated with them. To start with, one of the most indispensable things about traditional classes is the better interaction between teacher and student. Online schooling will lead to limit the social interaction between fellows and teachers. As a result, lack of interaction and competition will lead to the situation that to loss of motivation, easy boredom. In addition, if students spend too much time sticking their eyes on a screen, they will get some diseases like obesity, headache, or backache... Another consequence of studying online is students easily lose contraction because there are several attractive things such as phones or computer games. At the same time, teachers cannot control what they are doing during the lesson, which causes ineffective lessons.

In conclusion, after analyzing both sides of the argument it is not hard to see that traditional learning and online learning have their merits and demerits. However, studying online can bring about some drawbacks, I firmly believe that regular classes can bring more benefits.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,303 3989  
Jan 6, 2022   #2
The essay clearly missing the prompt restatement + personal opinion paragraph. This is the first paragraph that is presented in the essay that covers the self-explanatory presentation. Any essay that is missing this paragraph will automatically receive a failing preliminary assessment score. That is because the writer showed that he is not knowledgable about how English response papers are written. The response paper being a basic and vital part of an English based college curriculum.

Due to the incorrect formatting of the paragraphs, the essay cannot be awarded a passing score, even with the excessive number of words written. That is because the required paragraph representations are lacking or misdirected. When a whole paragraph is extreme importance to the presentation is missing, the examiner will not have a choice but to lower the overall marks for task requirement. It cannot be awarded a passing score.

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