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Some people think that people who choose a job early and keep doing it

my2002 1 / -  
Jul 18, 2023   #1

Job for a long period of time or exploring different career paths

Whether one should pursue a particular job and continue in doing it to experience greater fulfillment or should explore new career paths sparks off an intense debate in modern society. In taking both perspectives into account, I find myself leaning towards the former outlook.

On the one hand, choosing a particular job and pursuing it for a long period of time generate tremendous beneficial outcomes. The key rationale is that those who spend most of their time in one job are more likely to have rich occupational experience. As a result, they gain a lot of fame or praise from others and soon get promotion prospects from their employees, which enhance their salary package to cover their bills. In addition to this, once working for a long time in a specific field, people get job security and save their precious time to pursue their true passion in life in lieu of spending time finding a new job. As a matter of fact, these valuable time can be spent on looking after their own family, taking up a new hobby or going traveling to broaden their horizons.

On the other hand, exploring new career paths frequently produces more detrimental risks than benefits. On the bright side, it helps people to fulfill their interest and have an opportunity to work in a new environment. However, its demerits exceed its merits. The key factor is that some recruiters sometimes do not believe candidates who frequently switch occupational interests. Those who change career paths on a frequent basis may be seen as impatient and "easy come, easy go" people. Hence, they are not highly evaluated and are less likely to get a chance participating in the company's important tasks. As a consequence, those workers can not experience great fulfillment in work and they are soon dissatisfied with their current job.

In conclusion, while finding new career paths usually exists to satisfy one's desire, I do believe that it is an optimal decision to get an appropriate job and pursue it in the long term.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,662 4753  
Jul 23, 2023   #2
sparks off an intense debate in modern society

This statement will cost you point deductions in the TA section. There is no reference to such a thing in the original presentation. In fact, this statement has changed the discussion considerations from the original prompt, creating a separation between your interpretation and the first version of the topic. This will make your version get a failing score.

I find myself leaning towards the former outlook.

You are not responding to the task in the correct format. Your opinion will receive a failing score. You are asked to respond in a measured extent manner, something that you failed to do in your opinion presentation.

The actual discussion is also incorrect since you did not provide the correct single opinion defense in the presentation. You used a comaparison discussion, meaning you failed to address the prompt writing instructions. So the essay will not receive a passing score. You did not follow the correct writing instructions.

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