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Many people think that fast food companies should not be allowed to advertise while others disagree

khanhdang2001 1 / -  
Sep 11, 2021   #1

fast foods and their advertisements

Nowaday, advertisements play an important part in promoting the products to consumers. However, many people think that fast food companies should not be allowed to advertise, whereas others believe that all companies should have the right to advertise. From my perspective, all organizations, especially fast food enterprises should have an equal right to advertise because of the economic benefits.

To begin with, any company needs to advertise its products to increase its sales and fame. People cannot access all products that are available in the store. By advertising, people will gain the information about the products and services, so that companies can have more buyers. For instance, the consumers can know the features of the products they have intention to buy before going to the store and consider what meets the demands of them. Additionally, advertisements also help many companies contribute to economic development. The more people buy, the more tax they have to pay for the government.

In the current society, everyone tends to be busy doing their work or for other reasons. Many people are not able to prepare meals for their family or themselves. Therefore, a simple and convenient option is buying well served fast food because it is both fast and nutritious for a working day. For example, if people are in a hurry to go to work, they can buy bread and a coffee to save time. However, the consumers are also smart to choose the products that have a reasonable price. For these reasons, it is very essential for fast food companies to advertise their products.

In a nutshell, advertisements provide many positive benefits for both the consumers and our society. However, it must be controlled by the government to improve health.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,584 3758  
Sep 13, 2021   #2
Ok. The essay is pretty much centered on the correct topic and reasoning discussion points. However, there is a section where there is a slight discussion topic confusion. In the first reasoning paragraph, the writer discusses advertising in relation to general goods. That is still advertising related but does not focus on the fastfood discussion from the prompt. The paragraph will not really recieve a score since it is not related to the topic as indicated. The essay needs to have stayed on track using 2 related discussion points. With only one related opinion explanation presented, the essay will be scored based on an under-developed reasoning presentation. The passing or failing of this essay will depend on the examiner's consideration of how much of the unrelated advertising paragraph he is willing to give a partial score to, if at all.
Goldengoat 4 / 8  
Sep 14, 2021   #3
I suggest "what meets their demands" instead of "what meets the demands of them"

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