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Some people think robots can improve humans' life in the future

renga78 6 / 18  
Jan 20, 2011   #1
In future, when robots can be used both in homes and in other areas, it could improve the standard of living of people. House hold chores took significant cut in humans' life. Many people burn their energy on their day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning etc after coming from work. When robots can complete such jobs, people can spend more time with their family and friends. Experts say that many major problems in the modern world are caused due to miscommunication. When people get more time, they can talk freely and resolve such issues and eventually create happy society.

Robots can be used on certain jobs to curb accidents due to negligent behaviour of some people. When robots are used on such work, it does not cause any human life due to accidents at the work places. Human resource can be efficiently used by involving humans to perform those tasks which demand human skills like critical thinking, problem solving etc while robots can be used on low end jobs like moving cargos, heavy weights lifting etc.

While some people talk about how robots can be useful to human, others voice their concerns like demotion in human values and creation of lazy society due to heavy dependency on robots. When robots become cheaper to produce, employers may prefer to use more robots than humans. As the technology constantly improves the capabilities of robots, it could undermine the values of humans.

Many people may rely on robots heavily. Some may even develop a habit of using robots on tasks that they can easily do. This could create lazy society. Humans could start to cherish robots at the expense of human lives.

In conclusion, robots can be used on anything which can eventually improve humans' standard of living but definitely not at the expense of human lives. Robots can be used to help humans to live in harmony and to form happy societies. This fundamental setup should not be allowed to deteriorate by robots.
ARIA 16 / 43 1  
Jan 20, 2011   #2
Hi there
First of all I think in your introduction you need to introduce the state of the problem and then give your opinion, which you partially did, followed by paragraphs that clarifying your opinion by examples, which you have given some. Unfortunately, later in paragraphs you did not deliberate your examples mentioned in your introduction. For example you didn't elaborate your idea that "people would have more time for friends" later in none of the body of your writing.

Another problem is lack of coherence in your statement such as second paragraph in which you express an idea, which later is refuted.

I think is better for you start with a concept map regarding to subject then try to follow that map in your writing process with defined opinion and supporting examples.

Good luck
If there is anything to say or add don't hesitate to try.


OP renga78 6 / 18  
Jan 25, 2011   #3
Thanks for your comments and corrections.


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