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Some people think that shopping has become easier because of modern technology

CandyShays 1 / -  
Apr 27, 2024   #1
According to a few people, shopping has become easier thanks to recent technology, however the same can not be said for others. The former opinion most likely is because of the existence of online shopping, while the latter is because of accessibility to technology being limited, and technology making scams and schemes easier to commit. In my opinion, technology makes the shopping process simpler and less complicated.

Shopping online is a method some people use to buy their things without needing to move around or search for them in stores, and it allows for more flexibility as we can search for exactly what we want without wasting the effort to find it, or having to wait in a long queue to have it paid for. It can also assist with seeing how a product would work long term and how durable it is by looking at reviews from past customers. Online shopping is also one of the only ways to purchase items that are not accessible from a certain region or country, and also makes buying furniture like beds and tables easier as they can be shipped right onto your doorstep. All of these reasons combined makes shopping for things more accessible and effortless.

However, modern technology can bring certain disadvantages to some who can not afford to have modern technology, as they can find it hard to purchase what they need when most things are online. Companies don't feel the need to thoroughly label their products as much because they can easily explain everything through advertisements online. Current technology also makes the possibility of scams and fake products higher, as companies can use technology for making low quality products that look carefully made. However, the majority of technology is used with a good intent, and can even be used to combat the cons that it brings.

In conclusion, current technology makes shopping effortless and more accessible, although it can bring challenges to those who can get scammed easily or can't afford the tech, modern technology is generally an improvement to making shopping easier.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 3, 2024   #2
This is an essay that comes with a "discuss both views and give an opinion" writing instruction. You did not meet that qualifier in the prompt restatement, even though you presented an opinion. The problem with your opinion is that the thesis statement came too early in the essay, creating an immediate discussion presentation rather than a reasoning guide for the reader. Therefore, the first paragraph will receive deductions for not meeting the formatting requirements based on the given writing instructions.

There is no need to define online shopping to the reader. That is a prompt deviation that will result in point deductions due to unrelated discussion points. Do not include unnecessary information just to meet the minimum word count. Those unrelated presentations will result in a lower scoring consideration overall.

Home / Writing Feedback / Some people think that shopping has become easier because of modern technology
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