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Many people use distance-learning programs to study at home, Others think it cannot bring benefits.

anhanhanh 1 / -  
May 14, 2022   #1

distance-learning or attending a college?

In the age of technology, online study is highly considered by lots of people through the Internet and study material. While many people think it is so beneficial, I believe that the advantages brought by traditional learning are superior to that of studying at home.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that distance-learning provided a ton of merits to students. When studying on their own at home, students will have a flexible timetable that is arranged based on their personal time to relieve the burden and stress caused by a heavy curriculum at school. Some theoretical subjects such as math, physic, and chemistry can be compatible with online learning due to the diversity of teaching and rich resources on the Internet, which will make the lessons become more interesting. Moreover, the cost of studying at home will also decrease significantly compared to that of attending college or university.

On the other hand, I agree that if they have the chance, students should go to college regardless. School is a society in miniature. If students are limited by achieving knowledge at home, they will not have an opportunity to connect with others and create more close relationships. University promotes students' physical, intellectual and emotional development and helps foster an outlook on the world and life. Besides, facing the computer screen every day can cause harm to physical and psychological issues. Some practical and interactive subjects that need the space to study should be taught at school to obtain the best effect. During the Covid 19 pandemic when we have to keep our distance from the whole world, back to school was a top priority.

In conclusion, whether distance-learning or attending college has caused a heated debate. However, I believe that there are many things that we can achieve only at school but not at home.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
May 15, 2022   #2
It is almost as if the student did not bother to read the discussion instruction before writing this essay. While I believe that he read the whole prompt, he did not read the writing instructions for the essay. The opinion presented is incorrect as he has opted use an A/D discussion where the actual writing instruction was that of a measured opinion presentation. Therefore, the writing format is incorrect and will receive a failing score for the most part. He failed to accurately address the task. The discussion format was not met in his overall presentation. Therefore, while he will receive minimal scoring for the LR and GRA sections, he cannot receive any passing marks for the TA and C+C sections. This is due to the incorrect discussion slant of his presentation. The lack of proper understanding with regards to the writing instructions caused the failure of this essay.

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