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The popularity of reading books by citizens of Burnaby between 2011 and 2014

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Oct 29, 2016   #1
The line chart illustrates the total of books read by men and women at Burnaby Public Library between 2011 and 2014. Overall, all figures showed an upward trend despite different increasing rate was witnessed by them.

In 2011, the difference number of books read by men and women is 2,000 and therefore the gap between them is narrowed. In reverse, the end of period witnessed a significant increase by 11,000 in male figure while a less marked growth to 8000 occurred in females, making the gap between them widened.

A more detailed look at the graph shows that from 2011 to 2013, the number of books read by women rose slightly to around 10,000, whereas in the same time, the figure for man increased significantly, making their rate level in the year 2013. However, at the end of period, a sharp decrease by 7,000 showed in the former, while a significantly increasing trend to 14,000 was seen in the latter and therefore it successfully surpassed the women readers and reached its peak at the year.

dils 20 / 33 2  
Oct 31, 2016   #2
Hi Andhika,

Here some suggestions for you.

Overall, the figures show an upward trend ...

In 2011, the different number of books ...

... 11,000 in male, figure while there was (...) occurred in females,this make the gap ...

while a significantly increase trend to....

Over all, it is about the flow and how you organize your writing so that the reader easily understand it.

Good luck

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