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It is positive or negative for citizens to live alone or in a nuclear family rather than in extended

billy2508 1 / -  
Jun 11, 2022   #1
In many countries today, people in cities prefer to live alone or in small family units rather than in large and extended family groups.

Is this a positive or negative trend?

In many places of the world, there is a citizen's phenomenon that they intend to live by themselves or in a nuclear family rather than live in a big family which includes several generations. From my point of view, both two perspectives are equal in their merits and demerits.

To begin with, there are several compelling reasons which prove that living under the same roof with extended family is better than living with a small number of family members. For one thing, family members can spend more time together which stimulates their relationship. The more, the merrier, family members can gather together for meals or watch TV together after a hectic day. Therefore, grandchildren and offspring can understand more about their grandparents, as a result, they will be more close-knit with their seniors. Additionally, living with more people under a roof can assist to save on living expenses. There is no longer a financial burden if the accommodation budget can be cut off and the total electricity and water and service bills are declined moderately.

On the other hand, living in an extended family can lead to several inconveniences and conflicts which are related to the generation gap and living conditions. First and foremost, the private time and place for members are reduced. Due to living in the city, the general living area of a family is restricted, thus maybe there are not enough private rooms for each individual. The consequence is people will be uncomfortable because of a lack of personal space. Furthermore, because of the generation gap, people can have distinct hobbies which have an uncomfortable influence on others. The younger generation are usually interested in some boisterous activities such as parties or karaoke which is an annoyance for older people. Thus, this divergence can lead to some inevitable conflicts that affect family relationships.

To conclude, people in urban areas have a temporary habit of living alone or in a nuclear family instead of living in a big family for generations. Personally, these two statements are equal for its own benefits and drawbacks.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Jun 11, 2022   #2
The essay does not respond in the expected format. The question provides for a single opinion option with a 2 paragraph defense reason presentation. It is not a comparative nor extent discussion, upon which this type of reasoning presentation would apply.

The writer has misunderstood the question. Although a comprehensive response was provided what will prevent the awarding of a passing grade will be the incorrect response format. When an essay does not achieve the correct discussion requirements one cannot expect to receive a passing score.

The exam taker's ability to respond and discuss as instructed in a single opinion essay is what is scored here. Saying both sides are correct when that is not a response option is both incorrect and a prompt deviation. Partial scores will be given where possible but these will not merit a passing final overall score.

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