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Writing task 1 (The process of growing and preparing pineapples and pineapple products)

Ngocmai0311 1 / -  
Jan 30, 2024   #1
The flow diagram demonstrates various steps of how pineapples are manufactured.
Overall, the linear process consists of four critical stages: planting and harvesting, sorting based on size, producing various pineapple items or exporting.
In the cultivation stage, pineapples are planted on the farm under the sunlight with high temperatures from 23 to 30 degree Celsius. Then after 7 months, growers spray a substance called ethylene over them to support the process of growing pineapples, and after 5 months, farmers begin to harvest when the pineapples reach their full maturity with a height of 30 cm and a weight of 2 kg.

After harvesting, the harvested pineapples are washed and then sorted by size into three types of products. The small-size pineapples, they will be undergone de-crowning and peeling, then they will be fed into a machine that extracts the juice from them. Medium-size pineapples will go through a similar initial peeling procedure with the small-size pineapples and then they will be cut into slices and canned. With the large-size pineapples, they will wash them again and then cut them into square shapes to have the standard size for exporting around the world.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,686 4759  
Feb 6, 2024   #2
You have a formatting problem in the presentation that will lower your final score. Int he TA section, you are expected to present 3 descriptive paragraphs that will explain the flow chart you were provided. Providing only 2 paragraphs, even when over the word count, will result in scoring deductions. It is important to provide 3 paragraphs for the most thorough explanation possible of the image to the reader. I believe that this happened because you rushed through your presentation. Rather than segregating the chart into 3 movements, you compressed the presentation. In the task 1 essay, you should learn to group the presentation to achieve clear explanation paragraphs. This flow chart can actually be divided into 3 procedure explanation paragraphs.
ruakahan 2 / 2  
Feb 7, 2024   #3
I suppose that if the task doesn't explicit clearly the number of stages, you should not infer them yourself

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