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[IELTS] Pros and cons of studying abroad

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Jun 28, 2014   #1
These days studying abroad are becoming commonplace in many country all around over the globe. While I agree that this type of learning brings about a range of benefits, I also have to agree that there are noticeable drawbacks to go to another country for studying.

To begin with, undoubtedly, studying in a foreign country is a golden opportunity. Firstly, living abroad can help broaden students' horizons. In particular, overseas students are, obviously, exposed to different cultures, customs, and especially, languages. These are precious experiences which generously contributing to the growth of a particular person. Moreover, they, people who studying overseas, would become more independent in both psychological and financial perspectives. Thus, these learners seem, in general, more mature than those who do not go abroad for studying.

Conversely, these students, undeniable, have to cope with many difficulties by varying degrees. The first thing to mention here is language barrier. Studying in a foreign language is academically challenging unless there are prior preparations. Hence, most learners tend to choose an English-speaking country rather than others. Moreover, living alone in an unfamiliar culture can cause homesickness, which play a major part in loneliness and inefficient studying.

Overall, the main conclusion to be drawn is that studying overseas create a lot of minus but it is, in my opinion, worth trying. Provided neither your family is impoverished nor you are extremely bad at languages, studying abroad should be on top of your decisions.

please give me some feedback about my writting. thanks :)

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Mar 24, 2017   #2
Dang, supply the full prompt for this essay please as it cannot be accurately reviewed without it.

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