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Pupils' Behavior Cause Several Problems to Schools

yonathan66 30 / 27 5  
Mar 27, 2016   #1
In many countries, schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Pupils' behaviour become one of several problem which has to be faced by schools in many countries. However, I believe that schools and parents can cooperate to tackle this issue together as there are lots of factors which cause this issue.

Diversity of students in school indeed cause positive effect to themselves, but it become problems for schools. Background distinction become the main factor as pupils who has different family and culture also have different behaviour. For example, broken family has influenced pupils' behaviour in school as they don't get sufficient care from their parent. As a result, they will do ridiculous things to attract their friends and parents though sometimes it annoyed for them. Considering the example, there is no doubt that difference of background has pivotal role for students' behaviour.

However, parents and schools are able to tackle this problem by cooperating together as students spend much time both in school and home, so this issue cannot be solve by single actor. Schools have to know their students' family background by asking to the parents while they should support this effort as it is for their own child future. As a consequence, schools can look for different method to face the diversity of students' behaviour. Besides that, parents can also teach their kids about how to behave not only in schools but also anywhere outside the house. It is clear that both schools and parents have important role to solve this issue.

Therefore, the distinction of students' behaviour which cause problems to schools can be solved by cooperation between schools and parents. I personally believe, that government also can help them to solve this problem by giving consultation services for students and family.

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