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Question: Films were produced by big companies in the past, but today people are able to make a film

Nguyenhienngoc 1 / -  
Nov 19, 2023   #1
It is said that the advent of advanced technology enables individuals to make films themselves, while the job belonged to film-producing organizations in the past. From a personal perspective, I deem that the tendency is both detrimental and beneficial owing to some support which will be outlined in this essay.

Some holding a positive mindset often highlight that personal filmmaking is just a vehicle to express their feelings. It points to the reality that the world-wide dominance of high-tech devices entitles a short film to be created at a greater and more inconvenient ease, as a purpose of entertaining each user. Taking Video leap as an example, the application users crave for recording their valuable moments to be packed into a short video. Equipped with the combination of stunning cinematography, striking soundtrack and virtual eye-catching features, Video leap has successfully indulged their customers to possess a privately intriguing movie themselves. They, therefore, can lift up their spirit whenever bringing the content into the limelight on social media.

Nonetheless, pessimistic-thinking competitors argue that the current state has descended into a detrimental culture to their businesses. One potential point supporting this is that the ubiquitous popularity of film amateurs has gradually made them redundant by replacing their responsibility of advertising-video designing. Companies are much likely to reject allocating a huge budget for prestigious film organizations, but gain more preference to the non-professional in an attempt to save their indispensable expenditure, while they still receive a high-quality video of advertisement from cutting-edge film tools on computers.

In conclusion, I believe that each person making a film themselves can bring both merits and demerits to big movie-launching firms.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
You have not taken the correct approach to writing this essay. Based on the given writing guide question, you were expected to choose a single opinion to defend. You should have considered which of the two sides you actually support and then discussed why you support it. This was not to be discussed as a comparative essay as it was not designed to be written as such. You must learn to identify when you should write a personal opinion from a singular point of view or, when you should use the comparative approach because the writing instruction calls for it. Since this was not an advantage or disadvantage discussion essay, there was no need to take on a neutral stance by discussing both sides.

Home / Writing Feedback / Question: Films were produced by big companies in the past, but today people are able to make a film
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