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The questionnaire about opinions of club members and general public for the new theater in one town

jane_00 2 / 1  
Aug 10, 2022   #1
The table below shows the questionnaire about the opinions of club members and the general public for the new theater in one town in 2012.

The table illustrates the opinion survey of three evaluation criteria about three factors/ in terms of amenities, information and quality from club participants and society to the newly-built theater in the year 2012.

Overall, it can be observed that the majority of both parties showed their deep contentment with the three surveyed elements while there was a relatively small proportion of people who were pleased and unsatisfactory.

According to amenities, the marvelous rate of quality from club joiners was the most outstanding, at 72%, compared to general citizens at 64% and both accounted for more than half a percent. In comparison, the neutral comments made up 26% from the club, which was 2% more than the community. The figure for grading facilities was substandard came from club membership was the lowest at just 2%, as opposed to society in which quadrupled.

Regarding information, the highest number of positive comments was from dwellers at 66%, followed by the club which was responsible for 54%. The satisfaction level of residents and club members was 30% and 20% respectively, which was 10% apart. In addition, it was witnessed a 2% difference between the 2 factors of bad comments.

Looking at the final criteria in the 2012 survey, club attendees who assessed the quality above all excellent at 88% which was the most significant amount compared to other factors, whilst, locality view at 53%. The quantity of pleasure from the public at 40% was four times more than the club. Meanwhile, it can be seen that bad reviews from two groups of people, including the club and general respectively at 2% and 7%.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Aug 10, 2022   #2
The writer did not perform a proper analysis of the table provided. the representation of the image should have indicated, within 3 different sentences, that the table was divided into 3 parts representative of (indicate the division within the table). The writer was in such a rush to list the information in the summary that she sacrificed the clarity of the sentence presentations, the cohesiveness of the paragraph, and the coherence of the sentences relationships. It is not the kind of summary that would receive a passing consideration.

The trending paragraph also suffers from the clarity problem. Kindly remember that scores are reduced for sentences that cover multiple ideas since these are considered run-on sentences that do not deliver clear analytical thoughts to the reader. One sentence per idea. That is the correct way to approach these paragraph presentations.

Avoid the use of flowery words or exaggerated representations in a task 1 essay. This is an academic or professional report that is meant to be read by a targeted audience. The only professional and academic words to be found here should be in relation to the data presentation, based on the professional or academic exposure of the reader. So the use of words such as "marvelous" and "most outstanding" should be avoided.

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