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We should not and must not replace teachers with computers

Sep 3, 2021   #1

Will computers replace teachers in the future?

In 4.0 industrial revolution, we can not deny the development of machines, electronic device,... Because of that, many people think we should replace teachers with computers. But I think we should not do that.

My first opinion to not replace teacher with computer is student's emotion. Maybe computers will help students feel more comfortable, convienient,.. or computers may teach them more effective than teacher, but teachers know how to handle their student's emotion. For example : teachers can motivate their students to learn better, or they can help their students to achieve much success now as well as in the future. Plus, If we use computer in education, students will not know how to interact with one another anymore. They may improve their knowledge , but they will become a machine without emotions.

My second assessment is " If computers are money, teachers would be gems, and money does not glitter ". Basically, teachers can show expressions that highlights key points. They also have the ability to correct students and can clear doubts, But computers can not. Moreover, students can get the opportunity to help a teacher, and the teacher can share their expieriences about life, in education,.. with their students. Plus, teachers is more like a friend who give students knowledge, help students achive their dreams, guide students in the path of learning,... And by the way, who wants to replace a friend with a machine ?

In conclusion, I want to say that we should not and must not replace teachers with computers. Teacher helps a lot not only in study but also in life, but computers does not. Computers should be means of learning , not a substitute for teacher.
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Sep 4, 2021   #2
The first paragraph has conjunction usage enors and punctuation mark errors. The word"because" cannot be used to start a sentence being a conjunction. a comma cannot be followed by ellipses. Only one punctuation mark can be used at a time. The student fails to properly use capitalization in certain parts of the presentation, capitalizing non-noun words in the middle of sentences. These will cause severe G R A deductions as evidence of a lack of grammar inles knowledge can be seen.

Failure to proofread and correct several spelling errors will also result in a failing L R score. There is no English word spelled as convienient. Word usage problems appear when he uses 2 words I can not" to refer to " cannot", one word. Review adverb and auxilliary verb usage..

" If computers are money, teachers would be gems, and money does not glitter "

This idiom might make better sense in the writer's native language. It lacks coherence and logic in English. It is not well explained in the presentation either.

The essay proves to be too problematic in terms of scoring. I doubt it will even come close to a passing overall score.

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