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What other rewards for good work, apart from salary, are effective in encouraging further good work?

Iraj33 3 / 1  
May 28, 2015   #1
Salary increase and promotions to new positions are not the only ways to reward the employees for good work. What other rewards for good work can be effective in encouraging further good work? Use specific examples to support your response.

Indeed the salary increase and promotions are the major ways to reward employees for better work, so there are other ways too, to reward employees for good work and better performance like praising them for good work and creating friendly circumstances among them.

First of all, when employees being encouraged by president of company or their manager for good work or performance, they get moral and trying to work better and better to get more rewards, and keep the trust of president or manager till end of his career. Others also trying for better performing into their work, these acclaims and encourages make them to work better to get the reward from president or manager. When I was 20 years old, I have been hired in a position as a site engineer on construction site, which was my first debut in my career, I had working hard to gain more about my field, In other hand I were to serious in doing work precisely and in a short time, one day in a meeting president of company acclaimed me for good performance, I got more energy for better work and that made me to try a lot in doing work in a good manner and negligible time.

In addition to encourage the employees, it's important to create friendly circumstances among employees, which effects on the amount of work to be done in a well manner and less time. In this situation employees trying to help each other to do the work in its best way possible in negligible time. I were working in an engineering team where we had a friendly working situation, and one day I had huge amount of work to do, I requested help from one of my colleagues. Together we finished that amount of work in one day in its best way possible, otherwise I supposed to do it in two days.

So, based on these experiences I came up with a conclusion that we should always try to consider the encouragement of employees for their good performance along with creating a friendly working circumstances among them to have the work done in a high possible level in short period of time.
EF_Carol - / 145 39  
May 28, 2015   #2
Your essay is organized well, with an intro, two examples, then a conclusion. I think you should add another example of rewards at work, in a paragraph. Perhaps you could say you are rewarded for green practices, with praise and company acknowledgement.

Also, your conclusion is one run- on sentence.

So based on these experiences...

Break it up into two or three sentences, and you'll have a genuine conclusion.

First of all...

Your first example starts with Aron on sentence too. It also needs to be divided into two or more sentences,

If you break up your run-ons, and check your verb constructions, you'll have a strong essay. You also should use a dictionary to correct word choices,

Good job!

ef _carol

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