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Rich countries should share wealth among poor countries!

orkhan 12 / 19  
Oct 29, 2012   #1
There is a such tendency in the world that wealthier nations aids to poorer and underdeveloped nations as financial ,food,educational aids etc...In the times of crises ,revolutions and dissatisfaction the question always arises that why do rich countries not help the poor? Why do they not share their wealth to make the world a better place to live?

Citizens of both wealthy nations and poorer nations are human beings and we are all living together in one world so we cannot be careless about the situation of people in poor countries. In a globalizing world all nations become more dependent on each other.Problems which have occurred in poorer countries are spreaded and influence to others and this in turn becomes a more global problem.Such humanitarian aids prevent mass migrations and future civil wars from this part of world.

At the same time supported countries may be turn to one of the biggest consumer of wealthier nations .This in turn can be considered as strategical aid.

On the other hand these supported countries must seek ways for development and become independent from other countries' money.For instance: Austria and Japan had been financed after World War Second for reconstruction and development of destroyed countries under the Europian Recovery Program which had been created by the government of USA and better known as the Marshall plan.In the result of these countries' determination , at present, they are well- developed countries .

All facts considered,I think that wealthier nations should help poorer nations but only by letting them help themselves. Teach them how to grow crops instead of just giving them food, show them how to get clean water supplies instead of just sending them trucks of water, and to try opening dialogues with their governments on how to improve their school systems. As the proverb says 'Give a man a fish, he has lunch for a day. Teach a man to fish, he has lunch everyday.' In my personal opinion is that this way will be much more helpful to poorer nations than just sharing their profits.

Wait for your suggestions...Thanks in advance

Scientiana 12 / 43 10  
Nov 9, 2012   #2
Your essay is very good, especially the example of the Marshall plan. However, in the third paragraph, you wrote that poor nations will become consumers of wealthy nation, which is a bit strange because those countries are poor, how can they become the biggest buyers? Overall, good job!
OP orkhan 12 / 19  
Nov 12, 2012   #3
Thank you very much Scientiana for your valuable advices and corrections.Ä°n the third paragraph i have considered that if poor countries regulate their economy after these aids,of course they will search for other commodities which they need and they cant produce it.They will try to deal with other countries which they know and beleive.Of course it can be the best market for helper countries.

Problems which have occurred in poorer countries (are spreaded and it influence) to others and this in turn becomes a more global problem.---In this sentence,i have tried to show processes at the simple present time.But you have corrected it as ( have spread and influenced).I didnt understand,please inform me...And one thing more,can u show me that how can u write words with colours?...:) Thank you so much again for your comment...

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