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IELTS: same job for life or frequently change it?

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Dec 30, 2012   #1
People have different expectations from jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.

Write about the advantages and disadvantages of each viewpoint.

In this ever changing marketplace, the belief that 'a job is for life' is no longer applicable. Jobs are now more demanding than they were 20 years ago and the number of qualified people has dramatically increased. Some people prefer having one job in a lifetime, while others choose changinging jobs. However, both preferences have advantages and disadvantages.58

To begin with, deciding to have the same job for the same company in a lifetime is more secure. After signing a long-term contract, one has a regularly income if he successfully completes his assignments at work. In the other case, changing jobs frequently can be sometimes tough. This is because once one gives up his current job, it may take up to six months in order to find other jobs. Furthermore, it can be more difficult to find a well-paid job, sometimes even impossible.85

A positive aspect of changing jobs frequently would be the experience that one gains. Nowadays, a CV which has some working experiences is more appreciated than one with no experience. In this way, people are more likely to be employed and also they can test different working environments and meet new colleagues. However, it is not the same rule for a permanent job. People who choose not to change jobs are usually seen as having more experience in their field. The number of years spent working in that company determines the experience and qualifications one gained. 96

It can be concluded that both choices have advantages and disadvantages. Whether one wants to have a lifetime job or frequently change it mainly depends on his personality and mentality.30

i don't actually know whether that part with 'a lifetime job' sounds ok, I've always heard in movies 'a lifetime love' so i thought it would be the same thing.

i also think i wrote 'experience' too many times in the 3rd paragraph, but i couldn't find any other synonim for it.

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