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Sharing information in scientific research, business and academic field for free or not

uou3456 /  
Jun 1, 2018   #1

broadly accessible information

Nowadays information and data are seen and shared easily and globally for the fact of innovative technology. However, there are two points of view in sharing information in scientific research, business and academic field via internet for free. Some believe that it is good to share them freely as much as possible while others do not. Following paragraphs will discuss if those data should be shared freely online or not.

We can freely search almost any data of each field we need through internet including professional field including science, business and academy. It is so convenient and easy for every one to learn new things freely and people are able sharing their idea or studies online. For example, people who are doning in scientific research can search relative materials they need, and they also post their studies to share with others. Freely information could be a great resource for doing study especially for students who have no fund to do research.

On the other hand, some information in such profession may be too important and valuable to share freely. Some people believe that those endeavors should be paid to get. Which means "user charge", like using some apps in smartphone or reading specific magazines. This is fair and the payment can be used as supporting authors or becoming the fund of next research. Paying for something you need is worthy and reasonable for both user and author, we should not take free things for granted.

In conclusion, there are much scientific, commercial and academic information shared freely even it is significant and precious. It is a considerable issue of sharing professional data for free.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,598 2499  
Jun 1, 2018   #2
@uou3456 There is a lack of clarity in your presentation. The prompt for this essay requires 3 points of view to be represented namely the supporting point of view, contradicting point of view, and your personal point of view. Due to the lack of ownership in your statement for the first two paragraphs, by the use of the word "we", this comparison and personal opinion essay was turned into a personal point of view essay. This is where the lack of clarity in reference to the discussions presented comes in.

Each paragraph must be consistent with the paragraph requirements / outline of the given prompt. That means, the topic sentence per paragraph needs to use reference terms such as:

With regards to the point of view that prefers open sharing of information...

However, those that oppose this reason believe that there is a good reason to consider secrecy when it come to this information because...

After careful consideration of both discussions, my opinion is that...

Always be clear in referencing whose point of view you are presenting so that you will not get a partial scoring for the essay. The partial scoring of the TA section of the essay happens when the examiner feels that, upon close reading of your presentation, you did not satisfy the full essay discussion requirements. Reading this essay from that point of view, I can tell you that the actual examiner will decide the same thing.

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