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Social and economic indicators: developed countries Vs undeveloped countries - IELTS writing task 1

The table compares several important economic and social factors of four different countries such as Canada, Japan, Peru and Zaire based on United Nations data in 1994. Overall, as shown in the table, Canada and Japan had more better economic and social state than the other two countries.

According to the data, Japan had the highest per capita income among the countries, then followed by Canada, while Peru and Zaire had very low income per person. Japanese income per capita was over $15.000, Peru and Zaire did not even reach 200 USD. Moreover, wealthier countries had higher adults' literacy rates than the impoverished ones. Nearly every the Canadians and Japanese adults understood the written language, while less than two-thirds of Peru's dwellers and only 34% of Zaire's adults were literate.

Furthermore, the life expectancy at birth in Japan and Canada was high. Their population had over 70 years life expectancy, while people of Peru and Zaire only had around 50 years. As a result, Japanese and Canada people tend to live more than twenty years longer than the residents in Peru and Zaire. Moreover, the people from developed countries consume calories per person roughly about 3000 per day, while the people from undeveloped countries consume only less than 2000 calorie.

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... better economic and social state than the other two countries. In any case, Zaire has the worst education system among other country in 1994.

At least try to write 3 sentences in your introduction.

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