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Social well-being could be reached by removing the charge for education and healthcare

aseprudi 20 / 29 16  
Jun 30, 2015   #1
The education and healthcare should be founded and free for everyone. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education and healthcare are of crucial role in order to creating the welfare society. However, the idea that the state should be responsible to provide the safety net such as education and healthcare is a debatable motion. In my notion, offering free education for entire inhabitants brings about positive development for centuries since the citizens would be well-educated. Furthermore, as immeasurable number of sufferers who could not afford to pay the medical service, it is imperative to render free hospital service for everyone.

The state should be responsible for education by getting rid the whole tuition fee to everyone since the scholars are of the equal opportunity in order to obtain education service. Take German as an example, for decades, the country have taken charge of the fee for education. The students could reach the university degree recognition without paying the charge. As a fact of this, in contemporary era, this policy leads German to be welfare state. Since creating free charge of education renders positive development, the government should allocate more founding on it.

Admittedly, as a vast range of sufferers who could not afford the charge, the state also should construct free medical service for all dwellers. To exemplify, in topical era, plenty of Kenyan living under poverty account for getting disease, although the state has provided insurance since 1966. Of course, 20 percent of citizens have access to the medical service only. Therefore, the rest of people do not come to the service. As establishing free medical care is utterly important, the state should be in charge of it.

The aforementioned evidence shows that social well-being could be reached by removing the charge for education and healthcare to the entire of inhabitants. Where possible, the state also should point out the regulation to all everyone. Therefore, the information is known by everyone.

Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jun 30, 2015   #2
He aseprudi,

I read your essay. overall you have presented well thought on the education and health.

In conclusion,what you are trying to say Where possible, the state also should point out the regulation to all everyone ?

You can also say that educational institute and medical facilities are less in the rural areas, government should focus more in these area to bring these facility in good quality and at minimum cost.

Hope it will help you.
tuananh 8 / 15  
Jul 1, 2015   #3
I have only one suggestion:
'as immeasurable number of sufferers ' => as numerous sufferers
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Jul 9, 2015   #4
- Step 1 is to write Introduction consisting of background, thesis and outline.
It is believed that government funds should be channeled to the education and healthcare sectors (background). I agree with this view (thesis), since these essential services would lead to more educated people and contribute to the improvement in life expectancy even though some believe that this policy is more likely to infect economic system (outline)

- Step 2 shows a breakdown of the topic sentences in each paragraph.
Topic sentence for body 1: While there seems to be many advantages of this, arguably the most pertinent is that everyone is offered more opportunities and access to attend school to college.

Topic sentence for body 2: Furthermore, this will increase the extra years of good health.
Topic sentence for body 3 (a counter paragraph): It is often argued that these essential services will damage the long-term prospects of a country's economy

- Step 3 ends with conclusion, including a concluding signal, restated thesis and personal thought, such as recommendations, hopes or fears.
In conclusion, this policy has profound implications as it sets free. This system not only allows basic health for all citizens. There is also an option for everyone to be students. However, the serious consequences in economic structure are predicted to be disturbed. Where possible, the funds should be used more wisely on welfare system.

hope this helps, eddy suaib
tuananh 8 / 15  
Jul 9, 2015   #5
I have a suggestion:
'getting rid the whole' => getting rid of

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