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Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication?

alicebui191 2 / 5  
Apr 26, 2021   #1
This is my IELTS writing practice. Please leave a comment if you find out any mistakes or you want to share your own opinions about this topic. I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you.



Some people are of the opinion that speaking is a more powerful form of communication than writing. Personally, I believe that both methods are highly effective; however, it simply depends upon the specific circumstances as to which are the most appropriate at the time.

Speaking is an extremely effective and efficient mode of communication in certain contexts. The tone of someone's voice can powerfully convey a wide range of emotions, which definitely helps people connect on an emotional level. Oral communication enables listeners to obviously experience speakers' complex emotions like sadness, joyfulness or anger, etc in order to have apposite responses. Besides, misunderstandings and conflicts can also be easily prevented when people interact face to face. For example, if someone is confused about what the other is saying, they can immediately ask for further explanation, and speakers can also adjust misapprehensions.

On the other hand, writing can also be an effective tool in daily communication. In the workplace, written documents are valuable tools, while speech may sometimes be ignored or interpreted in different ways, written forms are usually stated very clearly. Additionally, written documents are easy to be archived and usually required in legal matters. This is the reason why many important documents, including memos, reports, job descriptions, and e-mails, are usually kept in written form. Moreover, on several occasions, people tend to enjoy sending and reading letters to congratulate someone on their success or birthday, especially declare one's love to others. Letters can help them express their feelings that they do not bravely say in words in daily life.

To sum up, both modes of communication have their own purposes, benefits, and drawbacks. It is a must to carefully consider which form to apply in particular situations.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 26, 2021   #2
I am not sure what kind of advice I can give you. That is because you are not giving helpful comments to other students at this forum. You have repeatedly been told that sentence rewriting is not giving useful advice to students. Telling them how you would write an essay or sentence is not useful to them. Neither is asking them questions when you do not understand something. Since that is the type of advice I believe you want, I am sorry but I cannot help you. We do not consider rewriting essays/ paragraphs/ sentences real advice at this forum because students write in an individually unique manner and should not be told how to write just because you think you can write it better. It is obvious that is the kind of advice that you want from me and the other users here. Since you cannot provide helpful advice, I cannot reciprocate in your essay posts.

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