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Writing task 2 : The spread of multinational companies and the increase of globalization

ashleyhoang 1 / 1  
Jul 7, 2022   #1
The spread of multinational companies and the increase of globalization produces positive effects for everyone.

To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

For the time being, the widespread of multinational organizations along with the expansion in term of globalisation seems to bring about positive impact for every citizens. In my own perspective , I partly agree with this idea for these following reasons.

To begin with, it is believed that the development of multinational firms provides valuable employment prospects for individuals, especially for people who are in underprivileged countries. Big companies tend to employ the local labour to work in their entreprises as they just need to pay local worker a small amount of money compared to a huge profit they earn. Another reason is that, thanks to the extensiveness of multinational foundation as well as globalisation, there is an advantageous impact impact on investment and also commerce sector that relates to the economy of one nation. It is obviously seen that if investment increases with a rapid speed, it will profit many other aspects of economy like tourism, for instance. Last but not least, it is now more feasible to gain new knowledge about cultures from other countries due to the consequence of globalisation. As globalisation is now a debated situation, there is also a mixed culture that exists in one country, for example Singapore.

On the other hand, there are also some demerits about globalisation and prevalence of international firms. First of all, there could be some disapperance of micro-entreprises in some nations due to the stiff competition of multinational entreprises. Many small companies are forced to close down as they can not compete with their huge competitors in their own domestic market. Moreover, based on the financial investment in one particular country, international firms now aim to monopolize the market place not only in the global scale but also the domestic one , which belongs to the nation they invest money on.

In conclusion, many benefits could be brought due to the rapid expansion of globalized world and increasing development of multinational firms. However, there are still some drawbacks besides the benefits they bring.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Jul 7, 2022   #2
The restatement is not as effective as it could have been. The writer basically altered the presentation word for word, or sometimes, without changing a word, leading to a problematic presentation. It is more of a transliteration rather than an appropriate restating of the topic based upon the author's understanding of it. The extent response is incomplete as the extent topics coverage is not present as establishing factors.

The writer takes great pride in presenting his knowledge regarding the topic and its background. Sadly, the conversation did not go beyond that. A failure to cohesively discuss, via connected subjects, the reasons provided prevented this from happening. Next time, focus less on the number of reasons and more on how the topics inter-relate in the paragraph.

The concluding summary will guarantee a failing score as the topic suddenly became altered. It went from an extent consideration to an advantage /disadvantage discussion. That unexpected change will result in an irrelevant summary conclusion and failing score.

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