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When students are in large classes - problems and solutions

ryan31 65 / 96 15  
Oct 23, 2016   #1
When students are in large classes, it is very hard for the teacher to give every student individual attention. What can educational authorities do about this?

A great number of students in one class make teacher difficult to give personal attention to them. A workable solution for this issue is the role of government in managing the number of student in the class and giving a training the for teacher to be more creative in teaching.

One of the possible solutions to tackle this problem is controlling the amount of students in one class with regulation from authorities. The reason for this is to easier for teacher gives knowledge in the class. A great example for this situation is research at Cambridge University showed that about 20 students in the class make the teacher more convenient to deliver the knowledge for students. Therefore, it is true that the fewer number students influence teacher performance, especially when gives attention each student.

Another solution for this condition is the teacher will get treatment to enhance their skill in teaching. This is due to the fact that many teachers need training to deal with many students in the class such a seminar. For instance, Education Ministry of Indonesia released the result of survey in 2010 that showed 70% of teachers experienced trouble while in the classroom with many students. It is true that many teachers still hard to control student especially with the significant amount of students.

Overall, when class fells crowded since many students in there, the authority should launch rules such a policy to control the amount of students. Besides, the role of teacher is necessary so that government gives some exercise for several teachers to improve their knowledge about a good teaching method.
Bekuk22 15 / 21 3  
Oct 23, 2016   #2
hello there...
let me give some corrections for your writing..

1. the result of survey(the survey or a survey) in 2010 that showed ...
2.when class fells c(feels) rowded since many ...
3.a policy to control the amount of students( a number of students)
4.the role of teacher(put article a or the " the teacher") is necessary so that government

may some corrections are useful for your writing...
thank you..

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