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To succeed in a business, one needs to be good at maths. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Theodoris 1 / -  
Mar 17, 2024   #1
It is opined that math has greatly contributed to the business success. From my perspective, I disagree with this statement.
On the one hand, some people might state that to succeed in a business does not require a mathematical background. This can be elucidated by the math's lack of applicability. Granted,it is said that academic-studied math might hardly be used in daily life, especially advanced mathematics such as matrix algebra, linear programming. Should maths be applied to life, people might only use basic ones, and this is the same as in business. It might be true that some types of maths are not used in business; however, there is no denying that arithmetic plays a crucial part in determining success, since math can help boost the logical thinking which is enormously vital to the growth of a business. Therefore, while the effect of maths can not be seen directly, it still contributes partly to business's ability to succeed.

Additionally, mathematics has always been an irreplaceable importance to the business. To specify, having a strong math knowledge relating to finance or accounting is a requirement in business since it can facilitate the development of it. Through math business people can gain and train a logical mindset, which yields several benefits. Chief of these is the efficiency in running a business. To classify, since mathematics can bring logic, it might help business owners have an overarching view, thus stimulating the predictive models. This can assist the business to go in the right way as well as predict and find the solution for ever-happening problems like the financial hardships or technology transitions. Moreover, mathematics can also help eliminate the waste a business has to pay. This is because maths provides the basis of probability statistics. This means having mathematical understanding might help business people provide accurate statistics for investment plans.This can limit the capacity of wasting time and resources.

To sum up, although maths is not a must-have quality, having a mathematical background might take competitive advantages due to its help to bring success to a business through the efficiency in running a business as well as the elimination of waste resources or time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,801 4780  
Mar 21, 2024   #2
I disagree with this statement.

To what extent? Your response is incomplete. You need to use a measured or emotional response in this case. Include a thesis statement to further strengthen your writer's opinion. The paragraph needs more information to earn a better preliminary mark in relation to the task requirements.

The overall essay shall receive a score based upon an under developed opinion. The explanation contains an unrelated paragraph that supports the opposing opinion. That is where the score will be lowered. The examiner will not grade a paragraph that does not support the stated opinion and also, will deduct that from the word count, leading to a failing score in the end. Always use 2 paragraphs to defend your opinion. Learn to identify single opinion essays as opposed to multiple discussion essays. That is usually where the incorrect response, and eventual failing score stems from.

Home / Writing Feedback / To succeed in a business, one needs to be good at maths. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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