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How to support developing countries ?

frenchfries 7 / 18  
Mar 25, 2017   #1
topic: Some people think that developing countries need financial help from international organizations. Others think that it is practical aid and advice that is needed. Discuss these views and give your own opinion.

Help for poorer world areas

In today's world, international support plays an essential part for the progress of developing countries. While some people claim that it is more realistic for global organizations to supply these countries with money. Nonetheless, from my perspective, practical aid and advice is more vitally important for developing countries than financial aid.

On the one hand, financial assistance can be such a driving force for countries with difficult conditions to thrive. It is inevitable that developing nations have to struggle with the shortage of revenue annually. National budget does not have enough financial resources to promote residents' life as well as motivate the social developments. Therefore, funding from global organizations helps governments tackle the issue of lacking money, meaning that the authority will have more chances to rebuild their nation without concerning about financial difficulties. Thanks to the contributions of world organizations, poor countries can utilize the huge amount of money to improve living standard of residents. It is obvious that the support from all over the world will certainly give rise to numerous positive impacts on many sides of poor nations, ranging from economics to commercial. Moreover, financial aid can be used to boost the quality of education and health-care system and some aspects that have low quality.

On the other hand, practical aid and advice is more necessary and beneficial for those nations with impoverished background. Simply because practical aid and guidance from specialists and researchers throughout the world has a long-term effect for poor countries to thrive. For instance, in many countries in parts of Africa, local civilians have to live below poverty line due to the lack of food and fresh water. The life, however, has become better because of volunteers from developed countries, who have come to these areas with updated machines to help some Africans the way to produce more food and have more water. In addition, volunteers also provide medicines for difficult places where people have to confront with the outbreaks of severe diseases. Practical aid such as methods to plant or produce food have been taught by foreigners are valuable to the developments of difficult nations. Volunteers also teach children, who do not have ability to read and write, so that they themselves can change their poor lives by their true talents and make contributions to their countries. It is clear that financial help only supports these nations in short-term period, while they need a long-term plan to prosper without the dependence on financial aid.

In conclusion, even though financial help can make poor nations develop economically, I believe that money is limited. It is better for nations with low quality of life to be equipped with some real tools. As all we know, the prosperity of the nation leans on people and their skills will help to change their country, not because of money from other countries.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,869 2148  
Mar 25, 2017   #2
Linh, your opening statement is incomplete as you did not properly represent that your opinion will be discussed in the body of the essay as indicated by the prompt requirement. In the outline of the opening statement, you need to present the paraphrased topic along with the instructions for the body paragraph discussion. Therefore, the two points of view plus your personal opinion should have comprised the outline in paragraph one. Towards the end, your opinion should always be presented as a stand alone paragraph and never as a part of the concluding statement. The concluding statement should not contain anything more than the summarized body of discussion and a restatement of your personal opinion. New information cannot be included in a concluding statement as it is normally used to closed the essay. Hence, there is no space to fully develop additional information if it is presented in that section. Overall, this essay looks like it can garner you a 4 as a final score. The score is based upon my above observations.
OP frenchfries 7 / 18  
Mar 25, 2017   #3
thank you Holt so much! I will try to write better.

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