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The table shows the ways people in Someland spend their time (different age group and timeframe)

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Oct 6, 2020   #1

Write a report for university lecturer describing the information in the table below

The given table shows the ways people in Someland spend time in different age group on an annual basis. In general, Watching TV/Videos is the most recreational activity which make up almost freetime of residents.

Teenagers and retirees consume at least 1000 hours per year in enjoying TV/Videos, approximately twice as many as that of people in working age. Teens and 20s groups expend 500 hours on social activities, while people from 30 on ward spend an average of 250 hours in socializing with 4 or less people compare to no greater than 50 hours in socializing with 4 or more people

There is a declination in Group exercise/Sport when people get older, especially residents beyond 60 who no longer take part in any physical activities. Personal exercises fluctuate between 50 and 150 hours, exceptionally 200 in 30s and 40s group. Cinema is the most unpopular interest of Somelander with a maximum of 100, even only 25 for human from 40s to 50s

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Oct 6, 2020   #2
Most of your errors in the presentation have to do with word usage and sentence structure. For example, in the first paragraph, your presentation is incomplete. You forgot to indicate that the measurement was based on hours spent. Then, you made a mistake in the second sentence:

... make up almost all freetime of residents = make up most of the free time of residents.

"Onward" is one word, not 2. "Compare" should be "compared" since this is presented in the past format. This is supposed to be an academic presentation to a professor so you really have to be careful with your word usage. You need to make sure that the essay sounds as natural as possible. "declination" is not an appropriate word to use in this presentation. Rather, the word "decline" sounds more natural and applicable to the discussion.

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