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'team exercise' - Team sports or individual sports, which one do you prefer?

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Aug 7, 2015   #1
Hi every body...I would appreciate it if you can help me with this writing task and tell me what needs to be done to make it better...thank you all

It is an undeniable fact that sports are one of the best ways to stay healthy, be in shape and keep our spirit up. Being classified in team and individual, sports have two major diversities. Albeit some choose individual sports over team sports, I believe team sports have several advantageous over individual ones.

First, team sports can be considered as great opportunities for people to learn about teamwork's values and how to play a role in a team. Winning is for every individual in the team, so as loosing. So, one should devote themselves for their team's sake. Back in high school, I used to have a friend who was captain of our school's handball team. Not only he became an experienced person in establishing friendly communication with almost every person with every attributes, but also ended up being a very prosper manager who runs a very successful corporation.

To name another reason, motivation is a very important factor that team sports bring out more than individual ones. While a person exercises along with a team, having teammates seeing what he or she is doing boosts one's motivation .Although a person may think that privacy of an individual sport keeps him or her from being judged from others on the way they practice, their time schedules, and their plans, keeping up with other teammates is a great enthusiasm for an individual to stick to his or her plans of exercising.to give an example consider a person attended to a soccer team. That person needs to exercise on a very specific plan that the coach gave them. He or she needs to endure hardship to be as ready as his or her teammates are. And this is something that keeps one from being dormant, practicing purposelessly, and disappointing while having hardships.

Next, we can mention the support, either technical or emotional, you get from exercising in a group .For more elaboration on technical support, you should know that by being in a group of persons skilled in a field that you are interested in it either, you have access to all their experiences .You learn about their history, try to follow their success paths, and try not to make their mistakes. Furthermore, emotional support is even more important. Having a team around to cheer us up with our successes and sooth us with our failures provides what it needs to progress in an excellent fashion.

Finally, Team sports are more enjoyable and can make unrepeatable time together. joyous moments, unforgettable memories, and energetic spirit that we obtain while we chat, share views, and laugh with each other are astoundingly helpful to feel good while we exercise. Despite the fact some might say that one is more focused while participating in an individual exercise, the aforementioned reason is also what might make individual sport drab and tiring activity.

To sum up, albeit some good things in an individual exercise, I'm all for a team exercise. Even i suggest that some individual sports like running are better done in groups, to obtain as much as advantageous of team sports as we can.

thanks for your time...

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