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'telling truth is a virtual and important in any relationship' - essay

sisashin 1 / -  
Apr 25, 2012   #1
Truth is something that not be modified. Telling the truth is always a big decision to make for everyone at any moment. Sometime truth could help you out of trouble, while the other time the truth will make you in trouble, especially on the relationships. But it is always being in danger if you decide to lie as once the lies are emerged every parties involved will get hurt. In my personal view, telling truth is important but not telling the truth all the time to the people you related as it may hurt them or stop your relationship.

It is virtual and wonderful thing that you can tell the people the truth. because people knows who you are then loves who you are. However, in certain circumstances not telling the truth can keep the relationship. One of my friend loves gossip, loves to make up and loves to put on new clothes, I personally don't like gossip, the make up she had did not help her looks better and the new clothes she got doesn't fit her personality at all. But she is caring person, generous to give you a hand to help at anytime, and she is always telling you about the fashion...I learn a lot from her. I would rather keep the friendship than tell her the truth.

In the working place, you can save yourself by not telling the truth at many situations. I learn this by experience I had two years ago. The job I took was too easy for me so I was always the most efficient good worker, theoretically it's good thing. However realistically this got me in trouble. As matter of fact, people do not happy if you are better than them. They were jealous, looking for any small thing to exaggerate... All they have done really worked because my manager thought I am having trouble with coworkers. Now I am working with new employer and I don't tell them everything I can do, I don't work as good as I could, even sometime I pretend to ask my coworkers to learn ...in this way I won all the respect and have wonderful friendship with my coworkers. White lies can help you survived better.

As conclusion, telling truth is a virtual and important but not necessary to do so all the time. To have and keep good relationship is even more important..

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