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Tet holiday is believe to be the most favourite one among Vietnamese people

Mar 1, 2024   #1
In almost Vietnamese people, Tet holiday is the occasion be favored mostly. From my point of view, I agree with this opinion because of numerous compelling reasons.

To begin with, Tet is considered to be a meaningful occasion in which you would forget the troubles of the previous year and prepare to welcome new opportunities in the upcoming year. It is also a time to send wishes of good health, luck and success to everyone.

Additionally, in Tet, people can enjoy a long holiday so that they could relax after a
hard - working year. You can experience the spring atmosphere with blossom flowers, firework, lion dance, some colorful lights and interesting parallel sentences. All of them can create a traditional spring picture in the memories of most Vietnamese people.

Last but not least, family reunion is a specific feature of Tet that family members could have gathered moments. They would enjoy the traditional dishes together such as Chung cake and spring rolls. Besides, everyone has tightened the bonds with other members through decorating their homes, visiting relatives and listening to their thoughts to create a complete festival.

In conclusion, among the above reasons, I strongly believe that Tet brings a lot of worthy emotions and unforgettable memories in the hearts of people in Vietnam.
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Mar 6, 2024   #2
As an English writing exercise, I appreciate the efforts you have placed into the writing of this short essay. Reading this from the point of view of a teacher, I can see the areas where you need further improvement such as adverb and verb usage, word usage, and sentence formation. Being a native English speaker, I will get a little bit frustrated while reading this because of the confusion that your weak English writing areas causes in the presentation. It is important that you pay attention to your vocabulary in particular because that is where your biggest writing problem can be found. For example:

You can experience... interesting parallel sentences.

This sentence was doing just fine until you got to the highlighted section. What is a parallel sentence? That is a confusing reference. Perhaps it is translated to English from your vernacular in this form, but it does not make any sense to a native English speaker. What exactly were you trying to say? You tried to use an advanced sentence presentation, but then failed to actually address a clear idea, affecting the coherence of the overall sentence.

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