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Do you think it's essential for young people to learn about history?

daqhauu 1 / -  
Aug 27, 2023   #1

is it essential for young people to learn about history?

In the contemporary world, more and more young people ignore learning history. However, history is considered to be crucial to the young generation. From my perspective, I absolutely agree with that opinion with the following reasons.

First, Learning History means learning from the past. That could provide us with essential experience which the previous generation had to pay dearly for. Should the young learn history prior to any devastating circumstances, they will have the ability to avoid being in or can adapt to easily. To strengthen my point of view, since the last Covid-19 pandemic, people over the world did gain conscious of how quickly could a virus spread and how vital of taking vaccinations was. Otherwise, their life would be always in danger so that may be a common sense. That would be the top priority for the ones who merely do not want to risk themselves making mistakes.

Second, Learning History also raises the gratitude of the young. In order to gain peace as well as happiness, the previous generation were willing to go into war, fight against their opponents. Additionally, the drastic development of today's world is the result of the effort put in. For instance, the enormous amount of rice from Asian countries exported annually cannot be reached in a short term. That achievement is based on whole progress of developing and analyzing from the seeds till the completely products. Then, after knowing how hard life used to be for former people, the latter would be more grateful and be more hardworking.

To sum up, History would be vital to the young people nowadays. Learning that subject provides a considerable benefit to individuals. History would be the solid foundation for the youth in their lives.

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