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Do you think that people can only be happy if they have a job really enjoy? WRITING TASKS 2 - IELTS

andika08 81 / 80 16  
Sep 21, 2016   #1
Some people say that in order to be happy, you must have a job you love doing. Others say that other factore are more important.

Do you think that people can nly be happy if they have a job they really enjoy?

The necessities of life over the years has increased, especially the cost. Costs can be searching by worked. From the results of people working can earn a lot of money to completed their necessity. The money can be used also for luxuries which are watching our favorite games and staying at a resort.

Therefor, due to people hobby that makes money that they get two advantages. First, the hobby and money make profit. For example, becoming a football player, actor, singer. They do it because it can usefulfor their activity. Actually, many people who prefer this way. Thus, people can do whatever that they wants. Inhabitans can spent their time with living into the standards above the average. Although, people will not be satisfied with it and continue to find a happiness.

On other hand, pleasure not always about money, but there are people who get pleasure from other factors. For example, they can find another people that nee some help around them. Thus, people do small things but often which are exercising, listening to music, hanging out with many friends. That effect will be effected with the others people and give feedback too. It can useful for them to communicate each others. Next, simplicity would be made their life different.

In conclusion, depending on each person personally about their pleasure but mostly people prefer to find their happiness from wealth. Some people are still able to life with simple thing. Thus they enjoyed their life. For most people, other factors are far more important.
Anaguna 21 / 27 5  
Sep 21, 2016   #2
Hi Andika, here I give you another example regarding your introduction as my though after reading your essay. I hope it can be useful for improving your skill in writing.

Many ways can people do so as to be happy, although indeed it could be different joyful experience for any individual. A number of people believe that loving on working a certain job is one acceptable method to obtain a satisfaction, however, others are more likely to stand up in reverse that various factors are still inevitable such as entertain their selves by either watching preferred games or staying at a resort. I strongly tend to admit that the latter notion is undeniable reason on how to be perfectly getting happiness, not only because of doing a heap of pleasureful job, but also by entertaining individual necessity.


Home / Writing Feedback / Do you think that people can only be happy if they have a job really enjoy? WRITING TASKS 2 - IELTS
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