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My topic is choosing subjects to study university, subjects what they like or related to future job.

nhumai1307 1 / -  
Sep 13, 2018   #1

pick subjects related to your future work

In today's world, Choosing fields suitable for each person when we study higher education has been always a matter of great concern. There are a volume of opinions that Undergraduates have their own choice to make a decision which subjects they want to study, whereas others deen a strong belief that they should study some subjects like technology or science in order to put into practice in the future career and have job opportunities. In this essay, I will support and give some examples.

To commence with, Deciding to study the subjects of your choice is generally more beneficial. As a matter of fact, Your passion in something can help you work and study effectively, also this can develop a range of experience and skils when you study in a favourable conditions. For instance, like a famous CEO who invented apple said " the only way to do great work is to love what you do". Moreover, a students is a person who have a great of aspiration and passion to develop themselves and want to change the world, achieve success in their own fields is possible when you try your best.

On the other hand, Some people think that we should be realistic in this issue to study some subjects will be helpful in the future. In others word, Technology or science is a powerful tool to not only communicate friends, partners in over the world in business but also keep pace with globalization and create many employment opportunities. As a result, A wide range of job related to STEAM fields create a lot of employment prospects, so you can easily have a defined career path and well-paid when choosing to study subjects related to society issues. To illustrate, in some developed countries, they always give their priority to postgraduate having a STEAM degree to work and devote for their nation, because of the development of state depend on technology and science.

In conclusion, it can be affirmed that both sides have its own merrits. Although some people prefer to study subjects they love, others think it would choose fields depend on having a security job. Personally, I believe we should study subjects can help you have a good jobs and develop their career.
Nhat Px 3 / 5  
Sep 13, 2018   #2
Some of your sentence makes me confused as: Choosing fields suitable for each ... ( I think it should be: choosing a suitable major when studying higher education...);

"In this essay, I will support and ..." (What's opinion you support? You just mention there are two flow of opinion, but which one do you choose?)

I think you should focus more on your grammars.

Home / Writing Feedback / My topic is choosing subjects to study university, subjects what they like or related to future job.
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