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Traveling purposes and problems related to the traveling public of Americans in the year 2009

phhieuanh 1 / -  
Dec 11, 2021   #1

reasons for travel and the main issues for travelling public in the US

A glance at the provided charts reveals some striking differences in traveling purposes and the primary problems related to the traveling public of Americans in the year 2009. In general, commuting for work was the most common reason and the cost of travel was the primary concern of Americans.

It is obvious that in 2009, 49% of trips were made for commuting to and from work and it was the highest figure compared to the others. In contrast, the percentage of visits to companions and relatives was the lowest among those five causes, stood at 6%. Shopping and social recreation were cited as purposes for 16% and 10% of all travel, respectively, while personal reasons accounted for the remaining 19%.

Regarding the commuting issues, the expense of travel was a key consideration for 36% of Americans. Just around 17% of people preoccupied with aggressive drivers while 14% of those surveyed concerned about highway jams. Finally, less than 10% of citizens considered the public transport accessibility and footpath for pedestrians as the main problems.
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Dec 11, 2021   #2
A glance at the provided charts

Since you did not provide a copy of the charts, I cannot accurately consider the information you are providing. The image reference is too generalized for the examiner to get a better idea of how the information is being presented to the writer. Always identify the type of image. If it is a chart, indicate if it is a bar chart, pie chart, columnar chart, or what have you.

striking differences

No need to exaggerate. You are being asked to write an accurate depiction of the information in the summary presentation. The examiner knows that exaggerated references will never be part of the presentation. Though such references add life to the report, you are not writing a creative paper here but an academic review. The need for flashy descriptions are not needed nor required.

It is obvious

Again,, there is no image attached so what is obvious to you, is not obvious to your reader. Do not make these sorts of references because it does not make you sound smart. It makes you sound annoying instead, which is not a tone that should be found in an academic paper.

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